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Arrangement, instrumentation, orchestrations and transcription

Arrangements, instrumentation, orchestrations and transcription for any instruments, voices, ensembles and orchestras:

  • symphony orchestra
  • jazz-symphony orchestra
  • chamber orchestra
  • chamber ensemble (string quartet, piano trio, duo, etc.)
  • jazz band
  • voice or vocal ensemble
  • choir

Arrangements based on:

  •  your piano sheet music (melody, harmonization, chord progression, guitar tablature, clavier)
  • your MIDI files
  • your audio reference

You will get:

  • electronic version of musical score and instrument parts (PDF or any other format), adapted for live musicians
  • MIDI file project for sequencer

You also can get a demo audio file based on MIDI sounds to imagine future live performing of the score

The following services are also available:

  • arrangement of orchestral score to clavier
  • arrangement of symphonic scores to chamber ensemble
  • arrangement of original compositions, songs or themes in different music styles
  • creation of potpourri
  • notation (note transcription) of audio files
  • parts from the score
  • score from the parts

1-5 days for your arrangement, orchestration, instrumentation or transcription (depending on the amount and complexity)

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