Orchestral music:

For symphonic orchestra:

Adagio (2007)

Dreams of the Castle Hill for Belarusian tsymbaly and orchestra (2011)

Fantasy on two Belarusian folk themes for soloists and orchestra (2015)

For chamber orchestra:

The Prophet music for 19 strings with alto solo after poem of Mikhas Bashlakou (2005) for string orchestra (2010)

Anthem to Aphrodite for accordion and string orchestra (2013)

A Midsummer Night’s Dreams suite in 5 parts (Introduction, Toccata, Aria, Dance, Final) for chamber symphonic orchestra (2019)

Chamber music:

For piano:

Album for children (1998)

Variations on a Theme of Franz Joseph Haydn (2002)

Sonata–Poem (2004)

Zone Opus-posth, or… Eight multi-informational audio-graphic models from the experience of culture  (2009)

Moonlight Sonata of Philip Glass  (2014)

Moonlight Sonatina of Philip Glass  (2014)

«Blossomed, blossomed the bird cherry…» lifehack #1 (2016)

Waltz-exhibit for two pianos (2017)

For chamber
ensembles and solo instruments: 

The Castle of Stephen Báthory: Three short pieces for flute and cello (2000)

«…to the sea…» for piccolo, 2 flutes and alto flute (2007)

Hukanne wyasny (Inviting Spring) for cello (2008)

Rondo for flute/oboe and piano (2006)

Vitrage for string quartet (2008)

One, Two, Three… pulse music in C after the waltzes of Johann Strauss II for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano (2009)

Ludus mobilis Idiatonic metaepitaphy in memory of conceptualism for piano, any 3 moving players with 6 desks (2009)

Ludus mobilis IIdance of Yin and Yang about the Deepest Emptiness for 2 violins (2010) (also version for 2 altos or 2 cellos (2012))

Ludus mobilis III: Sanctus Benedictus for organ (2010)

Ludus mobilis IV: Recitativo & Aria for clarinet and piano (2011) (also versions for violin / oboe / Belarusian tsymbaly  (2012))

Ludus mobilis V: Toccata and Fuga for piano any number of musicians (2011)

Cradle of reed’s shadow for violin and organ (2012)

The third day of July for Belarusian tsymbaly (2017)

The Valediction for violin and organ (2017) 

The Seasons: 12 improvisations based on the catalog of graphic scores for any instrument solo or ensemble (2018)

“Hallowed be thy name…” for violin and organ (2018)


Chamber vocal music:

Credo (text from the Mass) for 2 sopranos, baritone, organ and string quartet (2007)

Alleluia for baritone and organ (2012)

VocaliseEpitaph in memory of H.M.Górecki for soprano, piano and string quartet (2012)

Mokosha’s Spindles mysterium for folk voice, strings, piano and percussion (2017)


Lux aeterna (text from the Requiem) for mixed chorus, violin solo and small symphonic orchestra (2006)

Echo beyond the horizon (3 Belarusian folksongs) for mixed chorus and small symphonic orchestra (2013)

Spring folk-fusion symphony for folk chorus and jazz-symphonic orchestra (2015)

«The gray quail  flied…» (based on Belarusian folksong) for mixed chorus (2016)

Stabat Mater for mixed chorus (2018)

«I’ll go outside the gate…» and «There in the field…» Belarusian folksong for mixed chorus (2018)

Music for special festival and composer projects:

Transcription of F.Chopin’s G-Dur Prelude for the chamber ensemble (2010) (International Composer Project “Chopin: Transcriptions Of Our Time”)

Red – Passion for piano and electronic (a part of the project

Vibrations of air in three colors by Ales Curko, Kanstantsin Yaskou and Maksim Kruhly) (2012)

Sound-musical accompaniment  for “My Grandmother” (film by K.Mikaberidze; 1929) (2013) (for Kinemo festival)

Quasi dance for Alexey Shmurak (2013) (for Aleksey Shmurak’s international composer project “Insignificant Music”)

“The cat went to the forest …” improvisational set of the duet “Poltishiny” (Alexander Tsurko and Kanstantsin Yaskou) at the Mental Force Festival (2015)

Music for the project “4 dimensions of Belarusian art” (2017) (for 12th International Festival of Yuri Bashmet)

Soundtrack for «Convict 13» (film by B.Keaton; 1920) (2018) (for Kinemo festival)

Film music:

The Kiss (by E.Makhova; 2006)

The day before (documentary by E.Makhova; 2013)

The boy and the dolphin (documentary by E.Makhova; 2014)

Bykhau Castle (documentary by E.Makhova; 2015)

Theater music:

“Quiet rustling of departing steps” by D.Bogoslavsky (director Sh.Dyikanbaev; 2013)

Show music:

II European Games Opening Ceremony, Minsk 2019. Show “When The Fern Blooms: Kupala Nicht, Tales And Legends, Treasure, Flight, Memory, Belovezhskaya Pushcha(director A.Sechenov; 2019)